New Single Out Now (2018)

New CD 2017 "On Softer Ground"

Opening Night at the Manhattan Film Festival featuring "On Softer Ground" With Ray Williams and Mark Kelly from Hostilewood productions

On Softer Ground Music Video will be shown at the Manhattan Film Festival on Friday April 21st at 6:00pm MFF TICKETS International Hoboken Film Festival on Monday May 22nd at 10pm HFF TICKETS and the New Hope Film Festival on July 21st-July 30th! NHFF TICKETS

On Softer Grounds wins the Merit Award at the Accolade Film Competition!

NEWS 2017 

Lots of new music coming in the beginning of this year!

Music Video

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Never force it.  

Never force it. It's true that sometimes we have to take a step back and see the big picture. No matter how bad we want it you just can't force it. I stopped playing gigs for a couple of years, just wrote songs, recorded, chilled out, got interested in some other things. Life has a lot to offer so I wanted to check it out. It was good, it was healthy and it needs to be done once in a while for me. Well I'm back to share what I've been working on. The album is going to release towards the beginning of 2017 with a music video. So I figured it was a news worthy event! Here's a picture of the piano I recorded on, she's a beauty. If this is your first time visiting, thanks for reading. You can listen to my music on Pandora and download the past 2 records on itunes if you like what you hear. Oh and breathe in and breathe out one day at a time -Adam

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New Project 

Finished Prelim Demo's for New Record!
It's been a while since my last news post but wanted to share the progress that is being made!